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Starter Pack for Hydro/Coco (RO/Soft Water) Nutrients

Starter Pack for Hydro/Coco (RO/Soft Water) Nutrients

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Not sure what Dutchpro can do for you? Try it out with one of our Dutchpro starter packs. These authentic Amsterdam-designed canal houses give you the opportunity to try our award-winning nutrients at a 35% savings.

Each starter pack contains everything you need to conduct a small-scale grow (4x4 tent start to finish).

Not only does this starter pack give you a full set of 1 liter grow and bloom base feeds, but you also get the whole selection of 250 mL Essential Dutchpro additives and supplements to get unmatched results. A copy of our feeding schedule is also included. This schedule is easy to use and is famous for its simplicity.

The starter pack is formulated specifically for hydroponics/coco grow set-ups that use reverse osmosis or soft water (tap water with a PPM of 150 or lower).

See more on the product page here: Starter Pack for Hydro/Coco (RO/Soft Water)

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