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Silica - Von Liebig: Mono Silicic Acid

Silica - Von Liebig: Mono Silicic Acid

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Silica – Von Liebig’s Special is a mono silicic acid that is derived from Silicon Dioxide. It helps increase your yield and helps stress train your plant. Silica improves the uptake of nutrients, promotes stronger and thicker stems, provides resistance to bacterial and fungal diseases, and decreases overall stress. It also allows for better root development and faster growth. Silica Von Liebig’s Special uses a 3.8% mono silicic acid nanotechnology for an increase in effectiveness in your plants.
NPK: 0.1 - 0.1 - 0.1
Main Ingredients:
  • 3.8% Mono Silicic Acid

Silica von Liebig Special is made with food-grade raw materials. It is free of heavy metals and free of PGRs. It has passed all legislation and is safe to use.

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