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A+B Grow Base Feeds Soil (RO/Soft Water)

A+B Grow Base Feeds Soil (RO/Soft Water)

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A+B Soil RO/SOFT WATER Grow base feeds are explicitly designed for soil systems that use reverse osmosis water or soft water (tap water with a PPM of 150 or less) in the vegetative phase. These nutrients are a 2 part system that are highly concentrated. They keep your dosage low and your plants happy. A + B Grow Base Feeds have all of the essential macro and micro growth nutrients needed for excellent vegetative phase.


Our formula is based on Liebig’s Law of the minimum, providing your plants with the 17 essential nutrients. It is critical that plants not only get sufficient nutrients but also in the appropriate ratio. The high-quality, food-grade nutrients will be absorbed entirely into your plants and leave little to no residue behind, leaving your plants clean and strong.


This product works in coordination with A+B Soil RO/SOFT WATER Bloom base feeds.


Grow NPK: 5 - 1 - 6 TOTAL


REMINDER: This is a REVERSE OSMOSIS / SOFT WATER base feed. Please use this base feed when your water has a PPM of 150 or lower.


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The food-grade raw materials used are free of heavy metals, free of PGRs, and are safe to use.

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